David Rockefeller Creative Arts Center

Yorke was chosen to head up the renovation/restoration project at the Rockefeller estate for the historic Orangerie building, which when completed will be used as the David Rockefeller Creative Arts Center. The renovation will not only include restoring the exterior facade and openings, but also a full interior fit out of gallery and performance spaces, back-of-house restrooms, facility space and outdoor gathering spaces. 

There is a labor requirement on this project to meet New York State prevailing wage schedule.  The project will be tax exempt.

Jacob Burns Film Center

Yorke has worked with the Burns for more than 25 years, handling all construction needs since their inception in the 90s.  Starting with the renovation/restoration of their flagship theater space (previously the historic Rome Theater), then the development their 26,000/sf ground-up state-of-the-art Media Arts Center, and finally we expanded/redeveloped their flagship location again with more SF and additional screens.  This new project will once again be focused on renovating their flagship location, situated at 364 Manville Road in Pleasantville.

This project has no labor requirements and is a tax exempt organization.

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